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sure your family is safe on the road. >> reporter: orioles, yankees get ready for game 3 in the big apple. but before they do, city of baltimore wants you do bring -- to bring out your o's spirit. >> charley will fill us in. good morning and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle alongside meteorologist lynette charles and lauren cook keeping ion on the road. that parade and the baltimore run -- an eye on the road and the parade and the baltimore run. >> reporter: we are dealing with several accidents not to mention a lot of fog across the region. i will have more on the delays coming up in few. >> all right. >> it feels like a fall day. >> very muggy start. >> yeah. we are. there's a lot of moisture out there. that's where the fog is coming from. going into the later morning hours and the afternoon we could see sunshine and also we will have a front to work with as well. so that could be pulling in few more clouds. so we will have a sun cloud mix going into the afternoon. but, this morning, not as chilly. not as cold as it has been. and that's because of the cloud surfacing acro
and a look back to a vitoria's day in orioles history. >> outside of yankee stadium, no workouts today. the teams are getting arrested for game 3 on wednesday. where we're standing is just a ball park right here. this is where the old yankee stadium was, and a 12-year-old named jeffrey mayer reached down into the field of play, and took away what was going to be a catch and he got a home run, one of the most infamous plays in major-league baseball playoff history. the 28-year-old will not be in attendance of this series at all. she is living in new hampshire and married to a red sox fans that he has to deal with. >> well put. it reaching postseason play is nothing new with the exception of 2008. the yankees have made the playoffs every non-strike season had the extraordinary legacy isn't adding much height -- i in new york. we have more from yankee stadium. >> of the call before the storm here at yankee stadium, and we are pretty surprised by the lack of enthusiasm and the bronx showing that we do things a lot differently and baltimore. >> it was so quiet, you could almost hear a pin d
in yankees stadium in new york. you remember the game. tony, jeffrey and jeter and you remember. yeah, that phantom home run by jeter in the 8th. that was the old yankees stadium and old-time back in 1996. there's a new yankees stadium welcoming baltimore in for game 3. and this morning jamie costello takes a look back at what became of one of baseball's most storeied cathedral. >> reporter: game 3 in the best of 5 series. it's the orioles gonzales against the yankees and despite the feelings for the yankees you have to admit october seems to find its way through the bronx. the fall has fallen on yankee stadium. this is the original field of old yankee stadium. home plate where dempsey used to drop two fingers and palmer would high kit. bats stands the meeting place for all out of towners and an exercise area, handball court and a track right in the middle of a nice turf field with soccer or football every single night. but it's october. and the orioles are the ones who find themselves in the middle of the baseball universe. game time tonight will be 7:37 if you are thinking about dri
there is nothing personal about knocking off the yankees in the bronx. he is also famous for telling us this. you do not have to be captain obvious to understand what is going on. >> no doubt about that. the reception he gets from his fans tonight. fans have made their way appear to the bronx. let's see who lowell meltzer found. >> things are going to be great here. fans have been arriving to three hours ago. as far as orioles fans, they did not show off until 4:30 but although we spoke to are very excited about this huge game. it is a place the orioles have not been in nicotine years. the bronx in october. >> this is -- they have not been here for 15 years. it is relatively new for the fans. a new stadium for the yankees and a new winning attitude for the nose. -- the o's. >> i am prepared and ready. we are going to represent baltimore. >> we came up here when they played the rangers and i travel with my team. >> we are big fans. so i think that will do it. >> we ran into fans who made the 190-mile trip to support baltimore. >> my wife is a yankees fan and i hate the yankees. we went to the stad
states. thh rioles getting ready to battle the yankees oniiht. tonight. morgan adsit is live outside yankee stadium oo tte upcoming battll in the bronx. pot rollcue: bigger careee platform." 3 the city is rallying behind the oraage and black.ppal gessler was at a pep rally morning... where fans ot in the spirit for tonight's big ga. game. councilman brandon scott:"we're gonna go up to new york tonight. we're gonna llng time since downtown een a workers could take a wednesday morning off...lestine ailey: chance in a long ttme. and, i & emember last time we were sitting here, and i watched every bit of those playoff again--this is unchartered - territooy for most.kenny williams: "it's back to the oriole magic."cindy moll: "we wanna root on tte o's and let 'em feel the love.."the orioles have given the city a reason to root, root, roottfor thh road team.brian redding: "they're playing theenew yorkk yankees, of course, and you &pknow we have no good ffelings for them. they like to whoop on us liie we like toowhoop on yynkees and they suck."ing the it'' nee york, we don't like it!"t
watching the orioles and yankees thanks to a travel day. that's going to change tonight. we will get you ready for the game. city is host -- the city is hosting a pep rally and charley is live with more details at city hall with more details of what's in store. i am so used to seeing you at the yard i forgot where you were. but you are ready to party. >> reporter: they kicked me out of camden yards and said get out of here. the o's are on the road and sent me to city hall. remember what it was like in high school on fridays with the pep rallies before the football or basketball games? that's the same spirit they are going for today at city hall. around 10 crn 30, they will -- 10:30 they will strike up the bapped and get everyone -- band and get everyone ready for the game tonight. those fans to can't travel up to new york will be able to show their enthusiasm this morning outside city hall. they are looking for the voice, that undeniable spirit that produced 120 dessibility inside -- decibels inside camden yard they want to bring that here getting ready for the game tonight in new york.
. hopefully they can pull it off. they have a good chance of beating the yankees. so keeping our tankers crossed here. >> lynette is-- fingers crossed here. >> lynette is doing multistate forecast. >> so here at home we are dealing with patchy fog. misting and we will get sunshine heading throughout the day. but let's look at reduced visibility this morning. so we can see three in york. so traveling along i-83 this morning. you will encounter that fog. only about 2 1/2 reduced visibility right now in baltimore. 7 in frederick and we are at 6 in dc traveling that way nation's capital and easton along the eastern shore looking at 3 miles of reduced visibility this morning. temperatures are not the problem. we are feeling above average. 57 degrees that dew point coming in at 57 in easton. and we can see glen elg coming in at 52. 48 for this time of the year we should be at. annapolis at 56 and jessup at 55 this morning. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we will be seeing possibly maybe a stray shower as we go into the afternoon but all in all. pretty dry day on tap and drier as we head
's to victory another late fiiish for the orioles ast night but they got he job donee. bbating tte yankees 3-2 to even the series at one game. game.morgan... adsit.../ &p from... the... big apple... preview.../ of... what to expect ... from... game thhee ...night... morgan. 3 33 3 3 "the math ssyou have to win 3 or lose 3, so i think you'd but, it'' one win closer to ut 3 winning three. you know we pgt through texas knowing we had to win 11 games and hard."n out winning three, is &p while baltimore is gettiig ready for the biggest game of phe year... 16 yearssago today we were cursing the namm of a &p12-year old boy. jeffrey maier. maier.llt's... octobee ninth,1996. tte playoffs... o's vs. yankees.../ derek jeter... hits a ball deep../ tony tarasco... ready to catch it.../ but... jeffrey maier... rracces out... from catches the baal instead...///. the... umpiies... call it... a... p homeerun...// even... though after sloww you... an see maierr.. inteefeee....// the... four games to one...../ and... the orioles...
, a big story, the orioles and new york for game 3 of the divisional series against the new york yankees. now that the orioles tied things up at one-one, they need two more wins to get out of the bronx with a when. there will be at least two more games between the orioles and yankees. game three begins at 7:37 tonight. the winner has two chances to win an advance to the alcs, by the winner, we mean the orioles of course. and the mayor is calling for more orange during a rally outside city hall. she encouraged people to where orange and support of the birds. robbie joins us with more accurate course there's a banner out of city hall, saying good luck orioles. >> go! o-r-i-o-l-e-s! hundreds gathered to show support for the orioles. and tonight and new york city. the new banner, which hangs right in front of city hall. everyone is excited about the orioles. >> we are going to make it always starting with this year. [applause] >> how amazing has this month been? >> it reminds me of 1966 when the orioles won the world series. that is the feeling we have today. that is the feeling that i want
. >>> play as we head into the overnight hours. speak of the evening hours, 60 degrees. this is the yankee stadium forecast. 60 through the course of the evening. 53 for the nighttime hours and a chilly 41 degrees as we head into the predawn hours tomorrow. we'll talk about a cooldown as we go into thursday and friday. we'll discuss that coming up. >> thanks. a 13-year-old girl taken too soon from her family. monae turnage was shot earlier this year by two friends playing with a gun. the gun was later found in a baltimore police officer's car. we learned the state's attorney's office will not charge officer john ward. the mayor said ward remains on administrative leave. >> as a mother, the thought of an officer -- the thought of the allegations -- it's hard to imagine the pain that that would cause that family. >> two boys ages 12 and 13 were sentenced back in may for turnage's death. one is being monitored at home. the other is are sfing six month -- serving six months in a juvenile center. >>> two boys set up 13 bombs in the parking lot of a mormon church on saturday. no property was d
will be 56 going throughout the day this afternoon coming in right around 70. and here's the yankees stadium forecast for you as we will be 62. it's going to be breezy for that game this evening. and the wind in the southwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour go o's. we have to bring it home. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. i will second that. go orioles. heading out, 83, nice and clear and we are dealing with fog but no significant delays heading into the city. 95 also going to be in great shape as we look downtown at the fort mchenry tunnel. nice and clear harbor tunnel going to be delay free and pulling up drive times, no delays right now on the beltway from parkville to towson and the west side going to be clear just 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down towards 95. megan over to you. >>> coming up on good morning maryland at 5, they almost got away with it. without a -- about a thousand dollars worth of groceries but we will show you video you have to see and why police believe that would be crook ran off leaving three cart load of groceries
♪ let it rock ♪ this time -game 3 tonight-orioles vs. yankees-ralll oday yankees-orioles vs. -game 3 tonight-orioles vs. yankees -rrlly today wednnsday, october 10th 3 3 3- 3 3 3 3 3 33 ffrst on fox...an officer... the shoooing of a child... wiil not be charged with a crim. crime.tom rodgers s here with more on he decision just and your other top stories of the citt state's attorney's office mmde the decisioo in augustt.. but just released the nnws... fter we calledd following up on he investigati. innestigation.it all started in march... when 13-year-old monea turnage was foond shot and killed in an east &pbaltimore alley.latee... baltimoreecitt police offiier... john ward out of the easttrn district... was suspended when police found the gun that killeddthe girr pn the trunk of his caa.but pot face criminal charres... beeause of insufficient evidence.. decision that has guessing their support of city police. (wright) now understand me clearly, every officer isn't bad. every officer isn't guiity, but there's great number of them who are. they are guilty and tthy do a lot of
proudly and they're looking for a party. everyone is in a hurry to get to the game. yankee stadium is ready and the new yorkers showed up in their red, white and blue. the orange and black attack are here and they are pumped. >> we waited 15 years to get back into the playoffs. never came up here to a game before. >> reporter: mike ander ri -- and eric are brothers from catonsville. >> it's going to be outnumbered. >> orioles fans were in a good mood going into the game. let's hope they're in a better mood leaving the game. >> all right. ladies, we are six minutes away from the orioles taking the field. first pitch tonight at 7:37. we'll have a live shot to show you inside. live from yankee stadium, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> we've played there. we've beat them there. this is different. this is the playoffs. >> that's hold yankee stadium. it's all torn down many going -- down. going into here it's different. they have to win game three. >> jamie costello, we'll jack back in with you at 6:00. >>> doctors are trying to stop the meningitis outbreak. rosie? >> reporter: what's been
of the alds gets underway a few hours from now. the orioles and yankees with a win each. miguel gonzalez is on the mound for the orioles. we check in at yankee stadium in a moment. unacceptable," is how stephanie rollens describes a school audit. she demands the ceo and school board solve the problem. polisce in anne arundel are searching for four masked men who forced their way into an apartment at gunpoint. 17 year old terrence johnson is charged as an adult. he was with four masked men during a 2:00 am home invasion on tuesday. they made off thwith property and money. >> four americans died in libya on 9-11. lawmakers shook their heads. the level of security staffing was "correct." we have the latest from capital hill. >> good evening from capital hill. this investigation is colored by the upcoming election, and the white house with a cover-up. why was there so little security in a dangerous place? >> obama had his terrorism advisor in libya. to push the investigation of the attacks that cillekilled ambassador stephens. the state department says he showed a lack of concern after facil
3 3 3 cominn up... the orioles are in new york... for game three of their seriis with the yankee. yankees.how the team is preparinggfor the first playoff fame... away from home. citizens on patrol.the group on wheels... that's keeping the crime down in midtown. ((break 2)) 3 they've stopped armed robberies in progress... and are never far away when gun ssots ring out.it'ssa group called "the midtown bbnefits district."thee use off duty officers and volunteering citizens to patrol late into the night...all on segways.in janice park shows us how this group on wheels is... fighting back. back. in a seccion of the city that neeer seems to sleep... attraction, everythhng's diverse, you nevee knnw what chatter of these diners...is - the sound of segways...wheels pulsingg glittering through the heart of baltimore's midtow: midtown: "it's a really cool feeling ride outside of restaurants, wave at ya, and lap ay &pthanks for being out there" "normally we don't have an issue with one way traffic" traffic""usually we''e looking for trafficc traffic""usually ww're looking for thingssoutto
. giants extend their season with a 2-1 win. the first road team since the 2001 yankees to win a postseason game with fewer than four hits. barry zito to the mound tomorrow. today all eight teams in action. cardinals play the nats. that series tied at one game a piece. followed by the reds and giants at 4:00. at 7:30, the orioles taking on the yankees in the bronx. nightcap, as try to stave off elimination against the tigers in oakland. nfl news. despite monday's lackluster performance by mark sanchez and the yets lo jets loss, rex ryan he's sticking with sanchez for the time being. asked yesterday if sanchez will remain the starter, ryan said, yeah, no question. when you look at it, he played pretty good. i thought he was accurate with the football. stats don't necessarily agree with you, coach. mark sanchez last in the league in completion percentage. second to last in quarterback rating. 26th in passing yards. he's also the first quarterback since stone astoney case to hav straight games with a completion percentage under 50%. the jets host the colts this sunday. >>> coming up at the top
pitched that wild card game. he's on his normal rest. who knows what buck's thinking. the yankees certainly don't. >> reporter: this club is loose. they're not going to back down. they feel this is a pivotal game. >> we don't know what will happen. list tonight experts. though don't know what will happen either. that's the fun part. maybe jim thome goes deep. who knows. we don't know. talking about the starting pitchers. they could be gone by the 3rd inning. >> we'll have it all live at 11:00. excitement in the clubhouse. >> pick out a star. who will be the star? >> jim thome. go get it. >> game three tonight. 7:37. we'll see you then. christian schaffer, jamie costello, abc2news.com in the bronx. >>> orioles fever sweeping the city. >> a pep rally right here in charm city let out a clear they could hear -- cheer they could hear all the way to the bronx. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake led the rally. they continue to battle the yankees in the alds. >> what today is about is sending a message up 95 to let them know that we are behind them all the way. >> look at the mayor all dec
:57. coming up, countdown to the first pitch. the orioles take on the yankees. >> there does not seem to be much excitement around yankees stadium. >> meningitis concerns growing in the state of maryland. details of next. >> call about the area roads? dealing with wet roads. dealing with wet roads. >> you are watching wbal 11. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> i am mindy basara. >> stan stovall. >> i think we will get up to 70. it is going to be around for a couple hours. couple hours.
... and howwmany you benefits. to get the 3 -live look camden ards yankees tonight... game 3 wednesday,,octooer 10th 3 p3 43-map 3 first on fox...an officer... suspected of helping cover up the shooting of a child... will not be charged with a crim. crime.megan gilliland is live from city police headquarters with more on the ecision just released from prosecuuors. good morning guys,the ity state's attorney's office made jusstreleased he news... only after we called following up on the investigation. &pinvestigation.it all happened in march in an eest baltimore alley.david wright was the one killed.later... baltimore city out f the eastern district... the murddr of 13-year-old r monea turnage.waad was suspendeddwhen police found the gun that kklled the girl in the trunk of his car.but prosecutors now saa ward will not face criminal charges... because of insufficient evidence.a decision that has wright second uessing his supoprt of city police. (wright) now understand me clearly, every officerrisn't bad. every officer isn't guilty, but there's a great number of them who are. they a
....// the yankees... won that series four games to one. a really baa day for a bbltsville man who has some cat-rellted ccr trouble. &ptrouble.nats of cat meowing! meowing!it was a three week &pold itten!the driver says he heard... sounds coming from under the hood...aad noticed something wasn't right.he pulled over and opened the 26-32"i kept hearing a i drove a littte bii aad i drove some more and iisaid that's a cat." pat."the driver called 9-1-1 and after 45 minutes... firefightees were able to rescue the kitten.a vet checked er out and she's doinn fine.the next step... is finding the kitten a home. a great day for ne woman who meets the man who pulled her out of a burning pile of wrecka. wreckage. it was just after five pm on saturday when rosa by careless driver in a motorrhome.. her car was burning up around her when an off-duty firefighter came in throuuh the chokinn smoke. "i, um, couldn'ttbreathe and i got my seatbelt offfand tried to get the passeeger door pen and beatin' on theewindow and i ooldn't and i was screamin', 'juss get me out!' and he next thiig i know his 3and
make it to the world series and face the yankees, each home playoff game could add another million dollars to the city's treasury. this is bruce johnson reporting from nats park, back to you. >> heavy stuff. we checked a short time ago and councilman jack evans hearing on tax issues did resume shortly after 5:00 after the game. >>> coming up in sports kristen berset lets us know what davey johnson and jayson werth think of today's game, such as it was, and she looks ahead to tonight's game three for the orioles. >> tonight on your only local 7:00 news, americans will be spending a lot of cash on halloween, but on not what you think. it's not candy and it's not costumes, at least not the ones you're thinking about. we'll have the story at 7:00. >> that's a tease, d, see you at 7:00. >>> still to come in this half hour metro is used to busy days. you'll find out how the transit system wants to cash in on one of the busiest. >> top? >> let's talk about the baseball forecast tomorrow. either a 4:00 or 5:00 game depending on what the tigers do tonight, either way mostly sunny, upper 50s
the championship series against the yankees. the series is tied at one game a peace. whoever wins three games will move on to the championship series. tonight's game is at 7:37. we just learned a potential game five on friday would start around 5:30. the orioles will definitely face a more hostile crowd than the 48,000 screaming fans who cheered them on here in baltimore. and although yankees fans battled in the bronx, we managed to find one orioles fan amongst them ready to cheer our team on. >> i have respect for the team. i came out of nowhere and have been doing good things. they came in here and changed the whole team around, the whole dynamic. there were not playing like as a few years ago. it is incredible for them to actually come out and take the team to play offs. >> pete gilbert will have live reports throughout the series. meanwhile, looking for tickets to begin? be aware of ticket skimmers. officials with the better business bureau said there are ways to protect yourselves from blowing money on a bogus ticket. they recommend using a credit cards even stop payment if necessary. th
against the new york yankees. >> walt a lot of folks would like to add to bronx tuesday began, a lot of folks cannot. we have got you covered. there will be at least three more games. in game 3 begins tonight at 7:37. the winner then has two chances to win one more game and advance to the american league championship series. >> as you can see, there's not much in sight. baltimore covered in orange. the only sign taking place is a small electronic sign on the stadium. we did find one a fan of its excited to see the team back in playoffs. >> i have respect for the team. they came out of nowhere. and have been doing good things. they changed the whole dynamic of the team, you know? you guys were not playing like the six years ago. it is incredible for them to actually come out and take the team to the playoffs. is pretty good. >> a good man. when it comes to the championship, we have you covered. we will cover every angle of the orioles. live reports on 11 news at 5:00 p.m.. if you cannot take a trip to new york, it can show your orioles passion here in baltimore. the mayor will host a
. i hope >> the other issue, major league baseball is giving the yankees gameles the prime-time while the national car relegated to 1:00 in the afternoon. >> it is really kind of a slap in the face. >> he had to rearrange his work schedule fast to go. had to check with my wasrvisors to make sure it ok. not be able to see all. don't get off until 5:00, will listen to it on the radio. >> they are expecting a lot of over from walk on buildings to watch the game at the crystal city sports club. >> are you expecting some long lunch breaks tomorrow? >> very much so. >> the box office opens at 9:00 want to getu may their lot sooner than that. they say there is a very limited for sale. >> we will have complete .overage tomorrow morning we will get you started live ballpark at four 30 a.m. what can we expect with the weather? >> blogger in joins us with the game dayk at the forecast. this is a big one. >> it really is. finally, baseball weather is back. for you folks watching on tv, it not a black-and-white tv, it is color tv. the giants and dodgers years game, theome temperature tomorrow afte
sot rollccu: "and the yankees expect the battle to continue." & baltimore... city hall... makes... no bones... about who... they're supporttng... in he playoffs... this week.//:03 nat/ mayor... stephanie rawlingg- blake... and... the orioll bird... unveiled a sign... this morning... wishing the orioles lucc...///.it... hangs... frrm the steps teem... handed . - out... a thousand ...free hats to... downtown worrers... at this morning's pep rally. mayor ssephanie rawlings-bllke: "what this day is about is seedingga to let them know that we are - behind them all the way!" pf ouu town. they're not big, - they're nnt ritzy, they're ot shiny. they're gritty guys. they plly harr. they play toget" mayor told... - rawlings-blake... does ánot... have any bet... with... ew yyrk mayor... &pmichael bloomberg... on the series.../.though, ... she says... she is confiddnt... the birds can win innthe bronx. a... fox 45... investigation... uncovvrs ...how a couppe... who donated ..thhir car ...to a iss.. now being accused ...of... breaking the law..../ law.
about david who runs the horse box along with a partner. yankees fans come here and are quick to point out that fans of all teams welcome but this past friday it was packed with orioles fans for the wild card game against texas. >> all fans, all different games. >> jamie is in times square tonight dodging some of those nasty new yorkers. let's hear what he found out. >> reporter: we take your arms, bats and gloves for this is the city that shows your every move. where heros and goats found every second. where the orioles will be take on the bright lights and what you get in the streets is a little fear about the birds. >> very, very surprised. >> my yankees all the way. . >> reporter: the energy flows and here we are standing in the crossroads of the world. >> i don't know. i believe in the orioles. >> reporter: if you ask a lifer, i mean one that goes back to mantle days. >> i don't know. >> game three tomorrow night in the bronx. we will have coverage. the question, what's the weather going to be like? let's check in with mike. >> i think it'll be okay. it'll be a chilly ga
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@nbcwashington.com. >>> the orioles' run continues tonight in new york. the o's take on the yankees in game three of the american league division series. baltimore won game two on monday night. the series is now even at 1. >> lots of baseball going on. battle of the beltway, not so much. what about the battle of the weather? >>> we need good weather for a win, and we're going to have some winning weather around here today. couldn't ask for anything better. fim finally, we're going to break this funk we've been in with the clouds and the dismal weather, the drizzle. it's drismal. what? that's a word. kind of patchy fog out there this morning with the low visibility in baltimore over 95. everywhere else up over two miles. check out the satellite and radar. no precipitation over the area. we're starting to see the clouds break up more and more back to the west a round front royal and areas around luray. 8:00 a.m. today still mostly cloudy and damp with that fog lifting your temperature 48 to 60 degrees. noontime today, sunshine looking good and feeling nice. 51 to 65 degrees. we'll be going up to a high today of 69
. >> is this the last year of his deal with the yankees? >> only six more, might be. that's it. >> look at the front of "the post." >> look at the red sox gloating as one team is mountain playoffs -- >> you're going bankrupt. who is better at dumping salary? >> come on. >> you don't do victory laps because you dump salaries. >> neither one will win the world series next year. the only difference is next year you're bankrupt. >> my 3-year-old son will graduate high school when a-rod's contract is up. >> when can they do something about empty seats in big playoff games at yankee stadium. >> they won't be empty for the playoffs. it will be filled. >> so depressing it to watch the yankees game. >> fenway is -- >> up next the oakland a's season stays alive thanks to coco crisp and other former red sox players. thank you. what a grab. highlights are next. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicio
francisco staves off. the orioles continued their battle with the yankees tonight. >> october is in falls bling -- in ful swing. game three of the mlbs. washington was one of the best teams at home. a 50-31 record. 12-4. the nats are still calm and collected. >> we play pretty well here. it wasa blow out. -- a blow out. those are a little easier to take them a close one. >> robert crippen iii will practice today -- rg iii will practice today. he was diagnosed with a concussion under nfl rules, he must be cleared by a team physician and an independent consultant before playing in a game. that is a look a year sports. have a great day. >> 5:36. 55 degrees. morning islamic continue biggert still ahead, less than a month now -- more news >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> you will need a great you're near the ballpark today to prepare for the huge c as they nats prepare for game 3 against the cardinals. good morning. it is wednesday, october 10. >> let's go straight to our meteorologist. >> plenty of red in the weather center. we will be live down there
're in the bronx. their series tied at 1 with the yankees after a huge win at camden yards. now the os trying to take the lead in that series. man, this is going to be a lot of fun up there tonight. 7:37 is the first pitch. baltimore in the underdog in the matchup as they have been for much of the season. chris davis gave the os the lead off andy pettitte. os took that game 3-2. this was their 30th one-run win this year. also a plus for the os, they've won 8 of 13 in new york this season. manager buck showalter, as always, very confident. >> i think staying in the moment, i think our guys just engaged in what's important. all the hoopla, pregame, post-game. you're doing something important that people want to know about. that's why our sport is so popular. but our guys realize they're trying to be brilliant in the basics. and do the things that -- and not do the things that cost you ball games. >> os manager buck showalter. >>> talking football now, rg3 suffered that concussion on -- we'll talk about rg3 in just a moment. >>> first let's take a look at one of the best catches you'll see in a
at 7:35, baltimore tries for a 2-1 advantage over the yankees in game three of the american league division series. it's being played in the bronx. the teams split the first two games at baltimore. miguel gonzalez starts for the os. we'll have team coverage of tonight's play-offs at 5:00 tonight. dan hellie joins us live from nats park. pat collins will be live again, and jackie bensen reports on the traffic situation. >>> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here now with your first forecast. doug? >> guys, temperatures today climbing to near 70 degrees. take a look at the shot right now. a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. a few clouds make their way in. temperatures 69 degrees out there right now. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. what are we going to be seeing the rest of the evening? you can see dew point is 44. but that's going to be going down behind a frontal boundary. temperatures ahead of that front, 70 in leesburg and 70 over towards annapolis. just gorgeous. here's the frontal boundary, making its way in. in through portions of west virginia. that front will move
fired up for their team's game. o's take on the yankees tonight in the american league division series. the teams plit the first two games of the series in baltimore. tonight's game is in new york. first pitch is set for just after 7:30. >>> the fbi and local police are looking for one nats fan. this guy robbed the td bank on connecticut avenue northwest on friday wearing a nationals hat. he went up to demanded money and left the bank. he hailed a cab to make his getaway. if you know this man, please contact d.c. immediately. >>> a congressional committee will meet for last week's attack on benghazi. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. a state department official will be among the witnesses to testify before a house oversight committee. he is expected to deny reports the state department ignored requests for additional security in libya in the weeks before the attack. >>> the time is 6:49. today the supreme court will hear a case on whether race should be a factor considered in college admissions. the nine justices will hear the case of abigail
@nbcwashington.com and follow the playoffs. the orioles will take on the yankees in game three of the american league division series. they split the first twoames of the series in baltimore. the action now moves to new york. the first pitch is set for just after 7:30 tonight. >>> both presidential campaigns are zeroing in on the battleground state of ohio. mitt romney will spend his second day in the buckeye state trying to keep up momentum from last week's debate. he campaigned in akron, ohio, and spoke alongside governor chris christie. president obama spoke outside ohio state university. early polls show mitt romney leading the presidential race this morning. according to a gallup survey, the gop candidate leads 49%-47%. president obama leads another gallup poll that surveys registered votes. >>> a congressional committee will meet today to discuss last month's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the hearing is expected to focu on security missteps by the u.s. state department. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack. a state department official will be a
you, jackie. >>> up in new york, the orioles play their game three against the yankees tonight. tonight's game, 7:30. that series is tied up at one game apiece. >>> we have breaking news in northeast d.c. right now, police are on the scene of a shooting, and so is shomari stone. >> reporter: northeast 8th street. you can see the yellow crime scene tape here. it's extending all across the street here like a web of yellow tape. and basically we're hearing d.c. police say they received a call around 4:00 about a person being shot. a witness told me that he heard five shots, and police were here in less than 20 seconds. now, police found a man here on the scene. he's in critical condition. homicide detectives are out here. they don't have a motive, they don't have any suspects right now. police are talking to witnesses, gathering more details. i walked down the street here and saw a woman sitting on a porch with a man, hugging her. she had a very sad look on her face, but of course, homicide detectives are out here gathering details, trying to figure out exactly what happened. chie
tell you, we are going to save this country and we're going to fire a rock obama in november. yankee and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> the great thing about this is where among friends, and friends see friends. and reince so gracious and is unlike so many politicians who, they get all offended if you tease them. but i think raymond is a. i think for the last few years i called them reince. and he still the nicest person. i adored them. is phenomenal. before i continue i also just want to remind everyone who is your, who has taken time out of their busy schedule and to travel, many people, people come up to me tonight from mississippi and california. you've come a long way to honor and celebrate the media research center. and i can tell you that i am so thankful for your being here, for brent bozell, tim graham, his entire team. it takes a huge effort and the phenomenal team to do what they do on a daily basis. and brent, i'm such in awe of what you done over the last 25 years. thank you. [applause] >> time to that golden anniversary. >> now, a lot has been said recently about
are playing in the playoffs today. yankees hosting baltimore. the gnats have their very first home play -- the nationals have their very first home game today. >>> investigating a tragedy. a congress at hearing looks into the events leading up to the deadly attack on the us consulate. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> fog, sun, clouds. some of -- some of these cumulus clouds could build to thunderstorms later. >>> al qaeda may be growing in numbers in iraq. the officials there say iraq has seen a jump in al qaeda attacks during the last ten weeks. the officials also say they believe most of the attackers are former prisoners who have either escaped from jail or have been released due a lack of evidence. the government says there are about 2500 al qaeda fighters in iraq now up from about 1,000. >>> in pakistan, the taliban is taking responsibility for shooting a 14-year-old girl who is known for being an advocate for g
to the north, the orioles take to the field for their series against the new york yankees. >> go o's. that series is also tied at one game each. >> isn't this all just great? >> we done wants to jinx it but assuming that the nats can make it to the national league championship, tickets go on sale today for the general public at 9:00. there is a two-ticket limit for each game. a limited number of standing room only tickets will be available to buy on the day of each game at the box office. >>> all right. the supreme court takes on a controversial college admissions policy and the state department takes heat on capitol hill. still ahead at 8:00, some of the other stories making news across the region. >>> and new insight into the kennedy assassination and the possible role that fidel castro might have played. we'll sit down with castro's secrets author. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the mid
between the orioles and yankees, first pitch is scheduled for 7:37 from yankos stadium in the bronx. that will be tell fiesed on tbs. how is the weather look today? >> the weather looks today foggy out there. and we can see in bel air what's going on many foggy conditions cloudy conditions but we will start to see things break up a little bit more going later into the afternoon and evening: gradual clearing through the day and more in towson and temperatures as you step out in the 50s. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and should stay that way but not ruling out a chance for shower this afternoon. and going into the afternoon high temperatures at 70. the with the southwesterly flow. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to the fog there are several accidents to watch out for. baltimore is the yea crash on east morn parkway and in baltimore county rosedale a crash at yellow brick road. 695 in parkville major improvements but the outer loop is slow from harford up towards providence road. the west side of the beltway expect
weather forecast. ray, welcome to "squawk box." how are? >> hey, i'm doing well. for tonight at yankee stadium, if you are heading out to the see the yanks, a 7:37 start. there may be some showers. the showers in the east, the next front coming into the north. that's going to bring some rain snow showers coming around. not expecting big delays. but still some, washington, d.c. seeing some delays. minneapolis, atlanta, san francisco. you all look good, as we're not expecting too much in the way of travel weather there, you are going to see the wet weather continuing to spread east as we head through the daytime hours today. >> all right, ray. thank you very much. >>> when we come back, the biggest auto recall over inn a decade. we have the details after this. duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and investment banking services. between listening to the numbers... ...and listening to your instinct duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and investment banking services. ♪
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